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FREESHIPFRIDAY every Friday. Go with God. #TGBG


    TGBG stands for To God Be the Glory. It has been my motto and hash tag since mid-2011. It came about during a time in college where I felt I lost my way and those 4 letters helped me find another way. Between 2010 & 2011 I was a student-athlete at Kent State University, which shocked most people who knew me prior to college, even myself. I didn’t have much of a high school football career, but was determined that I was not done. As a walk-on I was dropped into a very high level and had to hit the ground running. I picked up on things quick but frequently doubted if I really could compete.
    This doubt or fear is what I now believe was my demise, ultimately. Coaching staff changes are hard for walk-ons regardless, though. After my redshirt season a whole new staff came in and in came new agendas. My first and brief impression on them was just not enough for them to replace a kid on their recruiting board with me. After spring ball in 2011, there was a random issue with my “eligibility” and after the summer (I took an extra credit to maintain eligibility) they informed me that they were not going to bring me back. Of all low points in my life, I thought this was the lowest. I was in a great position to pursue my dream and it was gone.
    I was heart-broken. I was depressed. I didn’t want to even go to school anymore but I knew I had to finish and use my degree for another career path. Eventually, I got tired of feeling sorry for myself and through #TGBG I built the courage and confidence to try again. No matter what happens, To God Be the Glory. I tried out for the team again and despite being one of the most impressive there my first impression outweighed my new one. I was not aware of transfer options so that’s where my collegiate football career ended. I dabbled in club rugby for a year and stumbled across something that would change my reality. Semi-Pro or Amateur football became my new escape and I’ve accomplished a few things through this medium, but I’m not done. Since 2013 I’ve been setting goals and trying to prove to myself that I can be the player I think I am. In addition to new life on the gridiron, I began my coaching career in 2016 and since have won 2 conference championships at the middle school level.
    Ultimately, #TGBG healed me. It motivates me when I slack. It comforts me when I am stressed. It gives me reassurance when I’m worried or doubt myself. It empowers me. These are things I believe I was put on Earth to do for others. Since I’m so heavily involved in sports I wanted my brand to focus on athletics/athleisure or football more specifically. The “Top 10” design is, of course, inspired by ESPN, “The Worldwide Leader in Sports,” because it’s meant to be easily recognized by others who are involved or follow sports. I have a couple other variations which adhere to different audiences. My first logo, which I’m calling “Road 2 Glory” are 2 G’s overlapping with a football in the middle. And my other logo has dripping red text that represents “The Blood” of Jesus Christ who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.